Atlantic Development & Investments, Inc. is dedicated to developing high quality, affordable communities that stand the test of time. Our formula includes innovative designs, value engineering, attentive construction management, quality contracting and a unique ability to adapt to the complexities of any development. In short, we know what it takes to get the job done!

Our successful balance of equity and debt financing has earned the trust of some of the country’s premier investment partners. Among those we’ve attracted include nationally known sponsors of affordable housing, several publicly held corporations, including insurance and utility companies, select regional banks and, of course, individual investors. This financial footing ensures a strong foundation for each of our community developments.

Atlantic’s community commitment goes beyond buildings  – our commitment is to each and every resident. Atlantic, and its affiliate management company Celtic Property Management, LLC, are actively engaged with local civic leaders and social service organizations to build communities that work. Most of our complexes feature spacious, well-equipped computer learning centers, and recreation and play areas, which provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

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"In these dire economic times, the willingness of Mr. Breen to work with the Greater Phoenix Urban League to allow low-income people an ability to have a home they can afford is indeed a blessing."

Sandra D. Kennedy  
Arizona Corporation Commissioner