About Atlantic

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Corporate Overview

Atlantic Development & Investments Inc. is a privately-held family of companies dedicated to providing the very best in affordable, mixed-income, and senior housing.  Experts in the affordable housing field, we assemble the best possible development team to get the job done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  Our architects, property managers, engineers, accountants, lawyers and tax credit investor partners all have extensive experience in tax credit property development, have worked together as a team in the past, and compliment one another's various skills.

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of apartment rehabilitation and tenant relocation. All of our developments have been completed on time, while simultaneously complying with all federal, state and local community requirements. The breadth of knowledge and experience we have in the field of affordable housing, together with our financial strength, ensures that our developments will be sucessful over the longterm. As such, the efficiency of our development, construction and management organizations and our willingness to stand by our properties helps to maximize tax credit dollars.

We have been appauded and recognized by the state of Arizona and local communities, not only for the quality of housing developed,  but our continuing dedication to the ongoing operation and compliance of our properties. In short, we take pride in developing quality communities that serve our low- and moderate-income residents for many years to come.