Building High Quality,
Affordable Communities

Our Mission

America faces increasing affordable housing challenges. Despite turbulent economic times, these challenges must be met with innovations and collaborative partnerships made up of community stakeholders, business leaders, and civic entrepreneurs, operating both locally and regionally.

Atlantic Development & Investments, Inc., active in the housing tax credit industry since 1978, looks forward to working with each of our partners to meet America’s housing needs.

We invite you to join us.

Mark D. Breen
President & CEO

Happy children playing outside their homes.


Green Building

Atlantic Development & Investments, Inc. has a proven track record in developing energy-efficient affordable communities. Atlantic’s developments include: advanced water conserving appliances and features, Energy-star rated appliances, energy efficient lighting, a cool roof, xeriscaping, and a solar photovoltaic system to offset a percentage of the common area electrical usage. When possible, local and recycled products will be used in the construction process. In essence, Atlantic Development & Investments, Inc.’s goal is to maximize energy-efficiencies in development, in order to create the most sustainable, cost-effective development over the long term.

Development Pipeline